According to the legend, in 1430, a monk named Isidore invented the first Vodka in a Chudov monastry, located inside the Kremlin, Moscow.

We would like to pay tribute to him through this Vodka distilled in the Charentes region with all the French “savoir-faire”.


“As a plastic sculptor, it was an honor and a privilege for me to be able to give my artistic touch to the creation and the design of the Vodka First 1430”

– David David


Vodka First 1430

Our vodka is made from 100% French whole winter wheats, harvested mainly in the north of France.

The main varieties are: RUBISKO, TRAPEZ, LEAR, BERGAMO.

We carry out 5 distillations on columns to obtain a delicate and refined vodka.

Then we reduce the degree by an adding water at Pons through the limestones rocks of the Charentes region.

Finally, our vodka is not filtered so as to preserve its character and preserve the taste of cereals.

We take particular care to bring roundness and finesse to our vodka thanks to a rigorous selection of our raw materials and to the mastery of the processes thanks to the Masters-distillers that we are.

On the nose: this vodka is incredibly delicate and has delicate notes of citrus and vanilla.

In the mouth: it shows an incomparable roundness and is extended with a long lasting sweet and sweet orange finish.